Current Software Versions

Software Versions

Abbr System Full Version Full Install Release Date Web Update Version * Web Update
CA FlexPlus Cafeteria Administration 1.13d 03/31/2023 1.13.0018 Update
CD Cafeteria Plan Document System/Windows See DS - Document System
CM Client & Task Manager 2.00 10/23/2023 2.00.0000 Update
DS DATAIR Document System (Retirement & Flex/125) 1.41b 10/06/2023 1.41.0200 Update
FA ASC 715 Reporting Module/Windows See PR - Pension Reporter
PE DB & DC Administration System/Windows 1.26e 06/14/2023 1.26.7081 Update
PR Pension Reporter 1.35d 05/23/2023 1.35.0036 Update
RD Retirement Plan Document System See DS - Document System

* Note that other updates that do not increment the version number may be available on the Software Updates page. Follow the Update link for web updates that may be available for these systems.