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INDUSTRY Benefits Link BenefitsLink is an excellent site with links to just about everything of interest to the employee benefits and pension community. Highly recommended!  If you're looking for a job in employee benefits, or have an open position to advertise, we also highly recommend EmployeeBenefitsJobs.com, which is operated by BenefitsLink. 
INDUSTRY ERISA Plan Information Provides a wealth of ERISA plan information from looking up EINs to viewing 5500 filings.
INDUSTRY ASPPA American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) web site contains information about the organization's conferences, educational services, and other activities.
INDUSTRY Society of Actuaries Looking for information about the Society of Actuaries? In addition to information about the organization, this site also hosts discussion forums.
INDUSTRY Thomson Reuters Authoritative guidance and employee benefit solutions for employers and advisors like you
INDUSTRY NIPA National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA) - Their goal is to educate and train plan administrators.
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GOVERNMENT IRS Forms IRS Forms is where to find downloadable and printable IRS tax forms. Adobe Acrobat, HP LaserJet, and Postscript formats are available.
GOVERNMENT IRS Employee Plans To access the IRS Employee Plans home page, this link will take you there directly.
GOVERNMENT USA Gov USA.Gov web site which allows you to locate information across all of the US Government's web sites.
GOVERNMENT Internal Revenue Bulletins Internal Revenue Bulletins - Since 1995, they can be found in Adobe Acrobat format at the IRS Web Site.
GOVERNMENT DATAIR Rates Page Need 30-year Treasury Rates, Composite Corporate Bond Rates, or PBGC Rates, or other IRS & PBGC rates and limits? Visit our rates page.
GOVERNMENT US Tax Code US Tax Code contains the full text of the US Code in a searchable format.
GOVERNMENT US Dept of Labor US Department of Labor
GOVERNMENT Dept of Labor - EFAST (5500) The DOL also has a site for the EFAST (5500) program.
GOVERNMENT EBSA Employee Benefits Security Administration website.
GOVERNMENT Social Security Administration SSA Online is the Social Security Administration home page.
GOVERNMENT COLA and Wage Information Social Security COLA and Wage Information
GOVERNMENT Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
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SECURITY Have I Been Pwned Check if your email address was in a data breach
SECURITY Symantec Security Center Stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats and security incidents with the latest information from the global leader in cyber security.
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OTHER SHRM Online Operated by the Society of Human Resource Professionals contains news and information of interest to HR professionals including the Society's HR Magazine and HR News. Also has some very good links.
OTHER EBRI Employee Benefit Research Institute. Dedicated to providing unbiased, fact-based research on employee benefits.