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DATAIR Knowledge Base Article DKB00141
Category: Retirement Documents
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1/24/2003 Last Edited: 1/24/2003

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Can I slip-stream replacement pages in at a later date?

There are several reasons that pagination may vary which are beyond DATAIR's control... 1) The operating system version, including patches, used 2) The printer used 3) The printer driver version 4) Changes made by the vendor of the third-party component that we use to render the output from the system In addition, there are items that are within our control that can cause changes from release to release... 1) Placement of hard and soft page breaks within the document to correct improper widows and orphans that are brought to our attention 2) Corrections for typographical errors 3) Correction of formatting errors such as indent levels, etc. 4) Language changes submitted to, and approved by, the IRS 5) Enhancements to language in SPDs, employee communications, etc. 6) Changes to the print software logic to improve interactions with printers Then there are the variables that are user controlled... 1) Fonts selected 2) Margin settings 3) Custom Text entered 4) Printer Driver settings 5) Changes in the plan provisions selected causing different language to print Any one of these 15 factors can affect how a specific item prints from one time it is printed to the next. Thus, word wrapping can cause the pages to paginate differently when it is printed after any of the factors have changed. These changes in word wrapping may cause page breaks at different locations, thus causing the content of a specific page to be different, thus not suitable for being used as a replacement page. It was not the intent of the design of the system to be able to insert slip-streamed replacement pages at a later date, and there are no plans to change that in the future. These are the same limitations that every application that uses Windows printing programming interfaces encounter, including Microsoft's own applications such as Word.

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