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System Training & Seminars !

Whether it's system training you need, advanced continuing education seminars, or customized on-site training, DATAIR's Educational Services group is ready to meet your needs.

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2019 System Training

We are pleased to announce the following dates for system training at our new training location at Northern Illinois University's Naperville Illinois Campus. A brief description of each class is listed below. For more detailed information on each class, please see the registration form.

2019 Westmont Training Schedule




Day Time
Pension System Introduction 6 $375 Monday 8:30 - 4:30 (CDT)
Pension System Advanced Topics 7 $375 Tuesday 8:30 - 4:30 (CDT)
PE Import/Export (.dia) 8 $325 Wednesday 8:30 - 1:30 (CDT)
NEW! Cash Balance Documents for DB Administrators 20 $400 Monday 8:30 - 4:30 (CDT)

Discounts available for multiple attendees from the same firm. See the registration form for details.

General System Training Registration Form (PDF)
Hotel Information and Directions  (PDF)

Pension System Introduction

This one day session will cover a detailed review of the system selections and options with a focus on Defined Contribution plans. Setting up and navigating through the screens will be covered in detail. This session will introduce you to creating the plan, running the valuation, reports, and an overview into the magic of import and export.

  • System Navigation
  • Creating New Plans
  • Creating and using Default Plans
  • Sources and Eligibility
  • Investments
  • Accounts and Transactions
  • Import/Export - magic of including Census
  • Transactions, including shares
  • Receivable Elections options
  • Reports options, setting up, and groups
  • Employees including Edit Grid
  • Death Benefits/Life Insurance


Pension System Advanced Topics

This session starts where the Pension System Introduction left off and is highly recommended to be taken along with it. This one day session will cover coding advanced options with a detailed examination of the entire system. Emphasis will be on 401(k) plans. Working knowledge from using the system or the Pension System Introduction class is required for this session.

  • New Comparability including maximizing formula
  • Database Utilities
  • Safe Harbor Plans
  • Cross Tested Allocations/Testing
  • ADP/ACP Tests
  • Imports for Investment Companies
  • Loan Processing
  • Updating including periodic valuations
  • Plan Comparison
  • Non-Discrimination Testing selections, options, and reports
  • Combined plan testing using Master Plan
  • Multi-Plan Operations


Cash Balance Documents for Defined Benefit Administrators

Cash Balance: Coordinating Provisions between your Valuation and PPA Document This class, designed for the experienced Defined Benefit administrator, will focus on:

  • The Basics of a Cash Balance Plan
  • The provisions specific to a Cash Balance plan
  • How to coordinate those provisions between the administration and plan document systems
  • What provisions you need to pay attention to when pairing a Cash Balance and 401(k) plan

This class will show specifics of both the administration and plan document system with regards to a Cash Balance plan. While there will be a brief discussion on the basics of Cash Balance plans and where the provisions can be found in each system a basic understanding of defined benefit plans and a working knowledge of the plan document system will be needed to attend this class.

Import / Export (.dia)
This day session will cover the aspects of importing and exporting with PE. Learn how to use the powerful data handling tools available to Pension System subscribers. We strongly recommend that all Pension System training session attendees also attend this class.

  • Customizing sample templates
  • Creating new templates
  • Options
  • Search Feature
  • Conditional Processing (Rules)
  • Zipping files
  • Translation Tables
  • Transaction Filter

Who should attend?
Anyone that is just getting started with the systems, needs a refresher course or needs to find a few more efficient tips and tricks for using the systems.

Is there anything to do while Im visiting?
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Customized System Training

If you wish to have customized on-site system training, we will come to your office and conduct training tailored for your needs. Alternatively, we offer one-on-one and small group training at our Westmont, IL office. We also can offer webinar training to your office. Please contact us for more information regarding how customized training can fit your company needs and the associated costs.

The following classes are some of the additional available sessions -

403(b) Documents to Administration

A one-day course that covers completing your 403(b) document for PPA restatement. Once your document is restated, are all of your items entered properly in the pension system. Which reports and tests should you be looking at in the system. Working knowledge from using the system or the Pension System Introduction class is required for this session.

DB Advanced Topics 
This is an intensive one-day course that covers all options in the system. Some previous defined benefit experience is required. Actuarial concepts and system coding for desired valuation results will be discussed. Working knowledge from using the system or the PE Introduction class is required for this session.

Report Writer (RW) 
This session for Report Writer (RW) will cover topics including how to modify current reports using the templates, using group field properties to get desired output, and creating basic programming script for conditional field properties. Field selection options along with advanced options will be discussed.

User Group Meeting

SAVE THE DATE!! The 2019 Annual DATAIR User Group Meeting will be held Saturday October 19, 2019 in conjunction with the ASPPA Annual Conference in National Harbor MD.  Watch for additional information and registration to be announced.


Watch for future date announcements



Ultimate Cash Balance Seminar - November 4-5, 2019  Naperville IL

Join us for this highly successful and power-packed two-day session on Cash Balance Plans that will leave you charged up and with the knowledge of an expert!  This 5th annual seminar will bring you up to date with current Cash Balance issues.

Click Here for additional information and registration form.