A fast, easy, and secure way to prepare 5500s, 5300s, 1099Rs, ASC 715, FAS 87/132/158 IRS, DOL, and PBGC forms, schedules & reports

DATAIR's Pension Reporter System generates the government forms needed for qualified retirement, welfare, and fringe benefit plans.

The Pension Reporter (PR) System is available in four modules: Annual Reporting (5500 series), Qualification & Termination (5300 series), 1099R series, and th FAS 87/132/158 & ASC 715 series. License only the modules you need. See the Highlights Sheet for a complete list of the contents of each module. Site license allows for unlimited users at each location. Discounts for additional sites, modules, and blocks of 200 plans.

PR speeds processing of forms, schedules and reports. Prior year's data rolls forward completing much of the current year's forms automatically. For DATAIR Pension System users, information transfers to the forms and schedules once the current year's valuation has been completed. Real-time error messages, built-in government instructions and knowledgeable support staff assure accurate work. PR automatically stores past years' information and forms for instant retrieval. AutoSave protects you from losing data if your computer or network fails while you are editing PR forms.