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DATAIR Knowledge Base Article DKB00066
Category: Operating Systems
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1/1/2002 Last Edited: 11/23/2003

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Can I run DATAIR Applications under Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Server?

DATAIR software is not specifically written to be compatible with Windows Terminal Server (WTS), however we do perform limited testing under WTS. Although we can not warrant 100% compatibility, DATAIR will make reasonable attempts to resolve incompatibilities that are identified. DOS Applications: - DOS applications running under WTS requires the same guidelines to be followed as network installations. In particular, each user must have a unique Run Work directory. - We recommend the use of a product called "Tame" when running DOS applications under Terminal Server. This utility resolves keyboard polling issues that can cause 100% CPU usage when the DOS application is waiting for keyboard input. Tame is avaiable from Windows Applications: - The applications should be installed in the WTS Software Installation mode, and not as a stand-alone installation. Use the terminal server "Change User /Install" and "Change User /Execute commands" to switch between install and execute modes. - Desktop and Menu shortcuts may need to be manually copied to the All Users section, or to individual users menus. All Applications: - Keep in mind that a Terminal Server-type installation may not be advisable for database and processing-intensive applications. All users will be sharing the same processor, and performance may be unacceptable when multiple users are running the system simultaneously. -You may not use a Terminal Server-type installation to make the software available to users not located at the licensed site. Please contact DATAIR for information on obtaining secondary site and telecommuter licenses as required by your license agreement.

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