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DATAIR Knowledge Base Article DKB00062
Category: Support Services
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1/1/2002 Last Edited: 1/1/2002

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What are the main kinds of support?

We have two main kinds of support: System Support, and Technical Support System Support: System support answers questions on how to use the systems: - How does the system calculate this number? - What do I do to get the system to give me the numbers, etc. that I want? (e.g., how do I make a plan pass testing?) - I think the numbers, etc. that Iím getting are wrong. Is this a bug? Technical support: Technical support answers computer-related questions: - How do I install this? - How do I install this on a network? - How do I configure this on a network? - Why am I getting this error message? - What printer should I select? - Technical support also answers questions on Data Import, Data Export, and creating Report Writer formats and Data Entry and Review Module forms.

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