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DATAIR Knowledge Base Article DKB00044
Category: Pension Reporter
Date Added:
1/1/2002 Last Edited: 1/1/2002

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I'm having problems transferring multiple PR/DOS plans at the same time, what's going on?

There have been many enhancements since the 1.00 release to the transfer process, however be aware of the following limitations: - Existing data on the Plan and Company tabs are left unchanged, however missing data will be added. - Form data is ALWAYS replaced upon Transfer and Administration Update. - If you transfer a PE/DOS plan from other than a 1999 or 2000 year, form data is not transferred. - If all else fails, create a new plan, entering minimal information, and then using the Transfer or Administration Update to transfer the related plans into the currently-open plan. This is often the least-complicated means of transferring your plans.

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