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DATAIR Knowledge Base Article DKB00042
Category: Pension Reporter
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1/1/2002 Last Edited: 1/1/2002

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Why do I receive "dtFramework" fatal error messages when trying to print to a specific printer, but not others?

This is a bug in the EFAST print control supplied by the DOL. Typically we see this with HP LaserJet 5, 4000, and 5000 series printers. To work around this problem, install a LaserJet III or 4 series printer driver as an additional printer on your computer, and point it to the same physical printer port (i.e.: LPT1:). Use this new printer driver when selecting where you want your forms printed to. If you are printing to a network printer, you will need to install the LaserJet III/4 drivers on both the workstation and the server. We've advised the DOL contractors of this problem, and continue to urge them to address it.

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